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· FlashForge Credit is a virtual currency that can be used to pay for your purchases from the Official FlashForge Online Shop.
· It's easy to get and easy to use. FlashForge Credit is non-transferable, cannot be exchanged for cash, and cannot be used outside of the Official FlashForge Online Shop.
· You can view your FlashForge Credit balance on your Account Page after login.
· The currency of your FlashForge Credit will be the same currency that you choose to pay with.
Log in/Register
Log into to or register your FlashForge Account
Place an order at the Official FlashForge Online Shop
FlashForge Credit will be added to your account
FlashForge Credit is available to use
You can choose to use your FlashForge Credit during checkout. If the amount of your available FlashForge Credit is less than your total order amount (excluding shipping fees), you can pay the difference with one of our payment methods.
Frequently Asked Questions
1.How can I get FlashForge Credit?
You can get FlashForge Credit by placing an order at the Official FlashForge Online Shop(
2.How do I get 1% of my total purchase value back in FlashForge Credit?
Users will receive 1% rebate in the form of FlashForge Credit after every successful purchase on the Official FlashForge Online Shop. If there is a refund after the receipt of delivery,the credit willl be deducted automatically.
3.Can I get FlashForge Credit if I purchase a product using coupons or FlashForge Credit?
If you purchase a product using coupons or FlashForge Credit, you will not be eligible to receive 1% of your total purchase value back. For example, if a customer uses a $50 coupon on a $200 order, they will only receive 1% in FlashForge Credit for the remaining $150, which is equal to $1.50 in FlashForge Credit.
4.Can I still obtain FlashForge Credit if I cancel my order?
FlashForge Credit obtained from refunded orders will become invalid. If the FlashForge Credit is added to your account, the system will automatically deduct the amount from your account. FlashForge reserves the right to withdraw all FlashForge Credit obtained from fraudulent orders.
5.When can I use the FlashForge Credit I have earned from a purchase?
FlashForge Credit will be available to use after the order has been placed successfully.
6.Is there any limit to the amount of FlashForge Credit used during purchase?
No. FlashForge Credit can be used to buy any of the products on the Official FlashForge Online Shop (shipping costs excluded).
7.Can I use my FlashForge Credit through the FlashForge affiliate program?
No, FlashForge Credit can only be used on the Official FlashFiorge Online Shop.
8.If I use FlashForge Credit to place an order and then cancel it, can I get a refund of my FlashForge Credit?
If an order is placed using FlashForge Credit and is then canceled, the FlashForge Credit will only be refunded once the entire cancellation process is complete. If you have any questions, please contact
9.Does FlashForge Credit expire?
FlashForge Credit will expire 12 months after you last earned or used rewards in your account.Unredeemed credit are forfeited once an account is closed.
FlashForge Credit Notes
1. FlashForge Credit can only be obtained from purchases made by individuals instead of organizations with the purpose of earning profits by reselling products. If any of the following situations occur, FlashForge will cancel orders unilaterally and withdraw any FlashForge Credit generated from orders before shipping or receipt confirmation.
  • Users purchase products more than the permitted amount using the same account.
  • Orders with the same payment account, delivery address, computer IP address, and phone number that could be related to, or made by, the same person, and the total number of products purchased exceeds the permitted amount limit.
  • Other purchases made through improper means or proven to be illegal.
2. FlashForge reserves all right of final interpretation of the FlashForge Credit rules, terms, and conditions.
3. Read our Disclaimer.