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Flashforge Finder 3D Printer with Cloud, Wi-Fi, USB for Education and Family Use

4.8 32 Reviews

US$ 339.00 - US$ 399.00 US$ 399.00 - US$ 499.00

IF Design Award 2016, easy, mute printing.
Fits Flashforge 0.5kg filament spools.

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We accept Paypal and credit card payment; 5-8 days delivery for EU/AU/CA/RU/UK local warehouse; Other countries 7-10 days delivery by UPS,DHL, Fedex express.

Main features:

  • Small and silent: fully assembled, lightweight, and minimalist desktop 3D printer (build volume: 140*140*140 mm).
  • Quite printing at 50dB noise, carry out 3d printing in classroom and office freely.
  • 3.5-inch color touchscreen: setup 3d printing operation easily.
  • FREE 3D slicer support: use our self-developed 3d slicing software FlashPrint to slice 3d design for quick and better printing.
  • Open to PolarCloud & FlashCloud: save, share and download 3d designs, manage multiple 3d printers for remote 3d printing via cloud platforms.
  • Removable build plate: take off 3d prints easily without making any damage on 3d parts.
  • Print with multiple filament types: PLA, Wood, TPU 95. Fits Flashforge 0.5kg filament spools.
  • Filament detection: cease printing when filament interrupted or runs out, printing process recovered when filament refilled.
  • One spool of filament is included (250g);
  • Submit 3d printable files to machine freely: USB, WiFi, Cloud. 
  • Low energy consumption: operating power is 65W, machine auto-shutdown when print completed.

Smart • Safe • Ease of Use

How to use Flashforge Finder 3d printer | Flashforgeshop

Key Features

Flashforge Finder 3d printer super safe for kids and children use | Flashforgeshop

Neat Design

Finder has a rounded corner design with a built-in filament box and electric wires, prints only at 50dB noise which allows you to leave it working at the corner while still conducting a lecture. A $300 3D Printer perfect for K-12 students' educational use.

Unrivaled Color Touchscreen

Equip with a 3.5-inch interactive color touchscreen, Finder allows you to set up 3d print parameters and start accurate printing within clicks, view 3d printing progress in real-time. That is how easy 3d printing can be!
Flashforge Finder 3d printer touchscreen for easy 3dprint operation| Flashforgeshop

Multiple Data Transmission Modes

Flashforge Finder 3d printer supports wifi data transmission | Flashforgeshop


Flashforge Finder 3d printer supports usb stick data transmission | Flashforgeshop

USB Stick

Flashforge Finder 3d printer supports usb wire data transmission | Flashforgeshop

USB Wire

Flashforge Finder 3d printer supports cloud 3d printing | Flashforgeshop

Cloud Print

Use a Wifi connection, USB stick, and USB wire to transfer files. Use Flashforge cloud platform FlashCloud to connect 3d printers for quick control, file management, 3d slicing, cloud printing, and status checking. It's a great saver for remote learning, allowing educators and students to cooperate and share access to Finder for 3d printing.
FlashCloud allows you to setup 3d printing online | Flashforgeshop

Various Filaments, Same Quality

Finder allows you to build with non-toxic 3d print materials commonly used in education, including PLA, Wood, Elastic, Color change filament, etc. No matter what materials use, you will get the same high-quality 3d prints.
Flashforge Finder 3d printer supports PLA filament | Flashforgeshop


Flashforge Finder 3d printer supports W.P.C. filament | Flashforgeshop


Flashforge Finder 3d printer supports elastic filament | Flashforgeshop


Flashforge Finder 3d printer supports temp variation resin | Flashforgeshop

Color change material 

Removable Slide-in Buildplate

Damages frequently occur when taking 3d objects off from the build plate. To avoid this, Finder uses a removable build platform. You may remove the build platform out from the printer to get flawless 3d models quickly.
Flashforge Finder 3d printer removable buildplate | Flashforgeshop

Free 3D Slicer Support: FlashPrint

With a simple and intuitive interface and a list of presets for better build quality, FlashPrint guides you to enter the 3D printing world more easily. Featured with smart support, 2D into 3D, split model, and more, it is a multifunctional slicing software to achieve more possibilities.
FlashPrint, Flashforge developed 3D printing software for easy model slicing | Flashforgeshop

Flashforge Finder Application

The research found that students in classrooms with 3d printers usually are more engaged with curriculum conception, project design, and execution, they are more interacting with teachers than traditional book-based teaching. That's why 3D printing technology is getting increasing popularity among educational scenes. Flashforge Finder is one of the best 3d printers for schools. Following are some 3d models built by Finder.
Flashforge Finder 3d printed object sample A | Flashforgeshop
  • Extruder Number1
  • Extruder Diameter0.4 mm
  • Maximum Set Temp. of Extruder240 ℃
  • Maximum Set Temp. of PlatformNo heated platform
  • Print Speed10-100 mm/s
  • Support FilamentPLA ,Wood, TPU 95
  • Print Volume140*140*140 mm
  • Layer Resolution0.1-0.4 mm
  • Print Resolution±0.2 mm
  • Device Size420*420*420 mm
  • Screen3.5-inch Touch Screen
  • Net Weight11 kg
  • Gross Weight13.8 kg
  • Input100-240 VAC, 47-63Hz
  • Output24 V, 2.71 A
  • Power60 W
  • Internal Storage8 G
  • SpoolExternal
  • Spool hole diameter20mm
  • Contain spool dlameter20*180d*52h
  • Data TransmissionUSB cable, USB stick, Wi-Fi,Ethernet, FlashCloud, Polar Cloud
  • SoftwareFlashPrint
  • Input3mf / stl / obj / fpp / bmp / png / jpg / jpeg files
  • Outputgx/ g files
  • Noise 50dB
  • Working Environment18-30 ℃
Product accessories
3D Printer X1
250g Random Filament X1
Power Cable X1
USB Cable X1
Screwdriver X1
Unclogging Pin Tool X1
Wrench X1
Grease X1
Filament Guide Tube X1
Solid Glue X1
Teflon Tube X1
Quick Start Guide X1
After-sales Service Card X1
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Great 3D printer. Easy to install. Took just 15 mins or so. Flashprint software provided can convert lot of files to gcodes. Print quality superb.👍👍👍.
United States
I was going to wait a bit until I wrote a review, as with my previous printer (Monoprice MP Select Mini V1) broke after my first week of owning it. However, the prints have been so good on the first day, that I cannot wait. I am a complete rookie when it comes to 3D printing, and I've researched as much as I could; however, there is only so much I could do. After the Monoprice failed, I was going to try a different model of Monoprice, but then I learned about FlashForge's support and their endless features. So I paid the extra $100 and got this printer. Needless to say, it is how a beginner's printer should be. The interface is remarkable, it connected to my wi-fi in about 30 seconds, then I immediately did a firmware update from the printer directly. After that I went through the leveling process (it's how they should all do it, very simple). Less than a couple minutes later I was connected to my printer through the FlashPrint software on my Mac, and also through the Polar3D Cloud printer online. I have printed two larger prints in the past 3 hours. Both were remarkable. Benchy was my first and I had no issues, after about 10 minutes of string cleanup you could see the quality of the print. Next I printed a Settler's of Catan Robber. With that piece I used FlashPrint's support system which was very well done, it detects where the proper placement should be, and avoids delicate spots. The piece had ears for the sheep and the CURA engine would always throw it on the tip of the ear, with FlashPrint it realized it should put it on its head for easy removal. This thing can do it all, and yes it doesn't have a heated bed; however, I have used any of the glue stick that came with it yet either. You'll enjoy this thing, and for the price you'll have a lot of fun.
United States
Great entry level 3D Printer. I would suggest anyone looking to get into 3D printing to get this. You quickly learn the ins and outs of 3D printing, and can make things with reasonable detail. I had a purpose for getting mine. I built a 3D Board for my Hero Quest Board Game System.
United Kingdom
This printer is great for someone just starting to dip their toes into the world of 3d printing. I watched a setup video on Youtube before the printer arrived and along with reading the instructions had the printer setup and running within 35 minutes of arrival. To the reviewers who are stating that everything is not included (USB thumb drive, no software, user manual, etc.) the description of package contents on Amazon was updated and no longer lists the USB drive (manufacturer savings); however, the software (FlashPrint) and all of the files that would have been on the drive are freely available on the FlashForge website. Pros: Fast & easy setup Easy to use software Runs smoothly (I have about 200 hours on it in 3.5 weeks and no failed prints or issues thus far) Fairly Quiet Cons: I wish it had a larger and heated print bed (still excellent for a beginner model) Other Thoughts: Use blue painter's tape and a glue stick to get the best adhesion and easiest release from the print bed. Buy some extra rolls of filament when you order the printer.
United States
No me mal entiendan, la impresora es muy buena. Me duro poco el gusto porque uno se vuelve adicto a imprimir cosas, y honestamente la impresora tiene limitaciones en el volumen de los modelos que se pueden imprimir hasta 14x14x14cm. No tiene cama caliente lo que limita el uso de materiales disponibles. Su interfaz es muy amigable, intuitiva. Puedes imprimir saliendo de la caja. Su software es facil de utilizar. Necesita rollos pequeños en su compartimiento, o puedes poner los rollos por fuera con algun accesorio que tu mismo puedes imprimir. Abundan en thingiverse. Ya la tengo a la venta. Me dio cosa regresarla. Ya compre una mas grande.
Fácil de calibrar y usar, se puede empezar a imprimir prácticamente saliendo de la caja, el software es amigable y fácil de usar, se puede imprimir vía wifi o por usb, la principal contra para algunos podría ser el volumen de impresión para mi no es problema no requiero piezas grandes, la otra contra es que usa filamentos propietarios (dentro del compartimiento que por cierto suele atascarse) pero es una impresora 3d simplemente imprimes uno externo y listo usas el filamento que mas te guste, en mi caso imprimí uno externo e hice un contenedor. Muy contento con la impresora. Actualización 31/07/2018 La impresora lleva casi 600 horas de impresión a excepción de imprimir unos soportes para carretes de filamento y lubricarla no se le ha hecho absolutamente nada mas. El único detalle es el servo que usa para calibrar pero es posible que lo dañe yo de cualquier forma esta impresora una vez que esta calibrada no requiere volverla a calibrar, esta si cumple con sale de la caja y a imprimir. Compre otras dos la famosa CR y esa requiere mucho trabajo y modificaciones para imprimir correctamente compre otra para no pasar por el calvario de la CR (La CR-10S es una maquina superior una vez que esta ajustada y modificada) me di la arrepentida de mi vida (necesito mas área de impresión) con la robo 3d r1 + que se supone promete lo que promete esta flashforge pero la robo 3d ni de broma cumple esta flashforge si. La única contra real de la flashforge seria el pequeño tamaño de la área de impresión de ahí en mas es una maquina muy bien hecha, muy robusta y muy confiable. Si bien había dicho que no tenia problema con el tamaño conforme paso el tiempo si requerí cosas mas grandes. Amazon no vende los modelos mas grandes de flashforge directamente desafortunadamente,
United States
We finally took the plunge and bought the Flashforge Finder as our family's first 3D printer. The out-of-box experience was great, with clear step-by-step instructions leading you through setup to the first test print, which worked flawlessly. After seeing plenty of YouTube videos about new 3D printer users having their prints fail in all sorts of interesting ways, I was ready to see snarls of filament until I went through a tuning process, but every print I've done with the Finder has come out perfectly just using the defaults built in to the printer and software. Although I thought I was going to have to go purchase some other slicer software, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the FlashPrint software that comes with the Finder does a great job and completely meets our needs as novices, providing plenty of options without getting too far into the weeds with obscure parameters. I did have a couple of minor questions through the process, and sent emails to the support address provided on the card that came in the box. I received clear and helpful answers to my questions in under 24 hours each time. Especially for rookies, that kind of support can go a long way to making your initial experiences positive and make you eager to keep exploring. Kudos to Flashforge for a great entry-level printer that I'd encourage any family with curious kids and/or parents to check out.
United States
Great first 3d printer to own. Simple setup, gets you going on your journey of discovery of 3d printers fast. However it's a non standard spool size which means you would need to buy a spool holder to get the your hands on standard spools which are cost effective and do an 'external' feed. The spools will break as you cross 2/3rd of spool usage . And with the covered pipe for the spool feed, you will sometimes have broken feed and the printer is running. This can get frustrating at times but all in all a fun toy.
United States
I was curious about 3D printing but knew little about it. After reading the reviews and since the price seemed pretty reasonable I decided to give the Finder a shot. This printer was very easy to setup, only about 20-30 minutes and I was printing my first object. After using it for a couple weeks and printing dozens of different items I am very happy with this printer. It is capable of printing very detailed and intricate objects. The Flashprint software is easy to use and intuitive. 3D printing does require some finesse to get the best results. It comes with a spool of filiment and while it's not bad, I recommend using a quality filiment like Hatchbox or eSun. Leveling the build plate is very important but this printer makes that process very quick and easy. I also recommend calibrating the extruder, which is also easy to do. My only complaint, which is more of a regret, is that it doesn't support ABS filiment. I've put a lot of use into this printer and now I'm wishing I had a bigger printer, the Finder is a little to small for me now so if you're not new to printing you might find the build dimensions a bit constraining.
United States
BEST out of the box, little-to-no-experience-necessary, 1st 3D-Printer. Unfortunately, it wasn't my first printer...but I wish someone had guided me there & saved me some money. If you're not super-tech or if you want a noob-friendly introduction to 3D printing for just you or for a group class...this is the one. The 2nd generation print-head works GREAT. The (not-so) auto-level is an MUST...it's, basically, a manual-level build-plate...but the system has a sensor that assists the "auto" leveling...again...a MUST for good, consistent builds. The only major drawback (no heated build-plate...can't use ABS)...is/was not a big deal to me. PLA comes in many varieties & if the build is followed with an acetone-washing, the finish is as good or better than ABS. Do yourself a favor: Go to YouTube...search for FLASHFORGE 3D PRINTER...several people have many good things to say & GREAT tips/tricks to get you going (print your own PLA-spool holder, so you don't have to order PLA from FLASHFORGE). :) ENJOY!
United States
I purchased the 3D Printed as a gift and was told that it works great and has been a joy for my grandkids to construct objects with some help from their parents.
United States
We got this for our son and I find myself using it as it’s just too much fun. Our son loves it as it really helps them expand their imagination as to what they can build. The print quality is really good. I’ve have no problems with this in the year we’ve had it and we use it most days. This is for beginners and it’s easy to use for kids and the adults. I highly recommend this for kids and adults alike.
United States
I've been looking to get into 3d printing for a few years now and never really had the spare cash. But after getting into Dungeons and Dragons earlier this year I fell in love with painting miniatures. This machine suites my needs perfectly. It comes with everything you need to get started and you should be up and running in under an hour. I currently have over 100 hours of printing on this machine an ran into my first minor issue. The filament wasn't extruding properly. I like to be hands on so I did a bit of googling and tried fixing the problem myself. Nothing seemed to be clogged. I came across an issue that it might be the PTFE tube (deep in the machine). I put it off because the holidays were upon us and decided to give it a shot today. After getting a far as I could I was worried about breaking a piece. So I decided to email my customer support rep, Tang. Within 30 mins he responded and told me to re assemble the machine and simply do an update. He even provided a video step by step on how to do that (to be honest the video looked like it was something done personally for me). I'm happy to say that resolved the issue. Seriously one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had. Thanks Tang!
United Kingdom
Let me start by saying what should be said for every 3D printer on the market: They are not Plug-and-Play. No 3D printer is ready to go out of the box. Not only will it need to be tweaked for your environment (which can and often will change over the year), there are also dozens of things that can be wrong that will affect your print, and many are not the fault of the printer (such as improper settings of the creation software can create a 3D object that cannot be printed (especially objects downloaded from various web-sites), and the like). THat being said, this is the easiest to use 3D printer I have experienced first hand. Like I said, a few tweaks are always needed on any 3D printer, but this one had by far the fewest. I had to tweak the temperature setting, and I also had to tweak the leveling (the procedure is way advanced over other printers, but not perfect). Leveling has to be done a little more frequent than I would like, but it is an easy fix. Overall, I have only had a handful of failed prints - usually due to leveling issues - and 100's of successful ones. This printer is well worth the price. I have been very pleased with it.
United States
Love it. Xmas gift for 13 year old son Easy to use and operate. Already built
United States
Worked out-of-the box. Filament very easy to load. Does not have a heated printing platform, which means you will need to print "rafts" to stabilize your items as they are printed - heated platforms are more expensive so this is appropriate for the price-point. Stores printed items in local memory, allowing you to reprint without launching software from your PC. Bought for family (mostly my son) for Xmas, very pleased with it.
United States
I've been really happy with this printer. It's still going strong after 3 years of use and I've had great build success with very few failed builds. The built in spool holder is nice even if it is non-standard size and slightly smaller than typical 1 kg spools. The print size of about 5 inches cubed is great for learning.
United States
This printer is compact, quiet and pretty much maintenance free. My (young adult) son uses it frequently for hobbies and creating parts to repair various things. Pretty cool, in my opinion. He is currently printing parts for his small rocket hobby. I am wanting him to print some earrings for me. After a year of pretty frequent use, it has given us no issues.
United States
This is my first home 3d printer. It was extremely easy to set up and I was printing their test cube in 15 minutes. The cube came out much better than expected for a $300 printer. The walls were extremely smooth and didn’t have any underextrusion defects off the bat. One note: I did have issues with loading the filament. After YouTubing for answers, I cut the tip of my filament with scissors to make the end sharp and it worked after.
United States
This printer is amazing. Before I received it Tang e-mailed me a more detailed version of the manual than what you find in the box. Within an hour of opening my printer I was printing a test cube, then a "Benchy" boat. They looked amazing, not at all stringy or textured like I have seen bad 3D printers make. My 6 year old, with supervision, was able to print himself a Benchy boat and 6 die (dice) as well as bracelet (picture included) which we they spray-painted with copper. It looks incredible. On day 3 my filament stopped extruding and Tang got back to me within hours and over a dozen e-mails later he had walked me through clearing out a clog in my printer's nozzle and then re-calibrating my nozzle (the z-axis). All of these e-mails were sent between 9:00pm and 10:30pm Eastern Time, I do not know where Tang lives but I was not expecting any response that late at night and he sent me videos and look at my photos to make sure I knew exactly what to do. If I ever want to upgrade my printer I will stick with Flashforge because their customer service is amazing.
United States
I've had this printer for just over a week and I have printed 11 objects. This printer works amazingly but make sure to put glue on the print bed or your prints might come unstuck during the middle of the print. it is extremely detailed and I would totally buy it again if it broke. overall amazing printer!!!!!
United States
Great 3D printer for beginners or someone who just wants something to work with little fuss. I've had a 3D printer (which I spend about 6 months on and could never get to work right) before but this is the first one I could unbox and have up and running in about 30 minutes. Would whole-heatedly recommend this, particularly if being used with children.
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