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Flashforge Dreamer NX 3D Printer Fully Assembled Single Extruder for Family Use

4.8 24 Reviews

US$ 390.00 - US$ 459.00 US$ 390.00 - US$ 509.00
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Single extruder Touch screen 230*150*140 mm

Flashforge Dreamer NX is a single extruder 3d printer with similar printing performance as Dreamer. Looking for high precise educational 3d printer at a more economical price? Dreamer NX might be a great option!

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Main Features:

  • Out of the box: fully assembled desktop 3d printer with build volume 230*150*140mm, layer resolution 0.1-0.4 mm, print resolution ±0.2 mm.
  • Patent extruder heated up to 240℃ and build bed heated up to 120℃: brings great print results for PLA, TPU 95A, ABS, PETG materials.
  • Flashprint slicing support: basic 3d slicing features and advanced options for custom printing.
  • Constant Temperature Circulation System: better 3d printing with specific materials.
  • 3.5 inch touchscreen for easy 3d prints set up and monitoring.
  • Password lock for secure consideration.
  • Supports 3d files transfer via Wifi connection, USB Stick and SD Card.
  • Bonus 2 spools of random PLA filament(500g/roll).

Dreamer NX

Smart, Reliable And Affordable 3D Printer
Flashforge Dreamer NX 3d printer smart, reliable & affordable | Flashforgeshop

Key Features

Flashforge Dreamer NX 3d printer patent extruder | Flashforgeshop

Patent Extruder
Improves Molding Effect Adequately

Dreamer NX applies Flashforge's patent extruder which loads filament smoothly and steadily. With an inner turbo fan equipped to create a circular air supply around the extruder, Dreamer NX adequately improves 3d models' molding effects.

Heated Bed Made from Aerospace-grade Aluminum
Heats up Evenly, Reliable Results

Dreamer NX' s build bed heats up evenly, which effectively reduced warping on object edges and eventually ensures reliable 3d print results.

Flashforge Dreamer NX 3d printer heating bed | Flashforgeshop
Heating Plate
Heat up quickly and steadily. Long service life, precise 3D print results guaranteed.
Aluminum Plate
Level and flat surface ensures even heating up and good molding effect.
Platform Tape
FlashForge's exclusive R&D design, allows high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and easy installation.
Flashforge Dreamer NX 3d printer constant temperature circulation system | Flashforgeshop

Constant Temp Circulation System
Equally Geared towards PLA and ABS

Temperature is critical for 3d printing. Dreamer NX uses a constant temperature circulation system to achieve excellent 3d prints regardless of filament types.
When chamber temperature exceeds 50℃, the built-in sensor will automatically activate fans to speed up air circulation and cooling inner room down to stable temperature for high quality 3D prints.

Multiple Connection Methods
Prints Freely with WiFi, USB and SD Card

3D printer users crave for WiFi wireless connection feature as
it brings so much freedom. Except for WiFi printing, Dreamer
NX also support printable files transferred via USB and SD card.
You can also use these options to upgrade firmware.

Compatibility of Various Filament
Supports Most FDM 1.75mm Filament

Works with almost all FDM 1.75mm filament in the market, Dreamer NX frees you from material restrictions and empower you building anything you have in mind. You can expect best compatibility, bright colors and perfect print results when print with Flashforge filaments.

3d print PLA filament | Flashforgeshop

PLA Filament

3d print flexible filament | Flashforgeshop

Flexible Filament

3d print wood filament | Flashforgeshop

Wood Filament

3d print cooper filament | Flashforgeshop

Cooper Filament

3d print PETG filament | Flashforgeshop

PETG Filament

Flashforge Dreamer NX Application

Comes with a single extruder with great printing effects on PLA, ABS and other commonly used 3d print materials, Dreamer NX is a reliable, cost-effective, powerful yet easy to use 3d printer loved by personals and families. Below are some of 3d models printed by Dreamer NX for your reference.

Flashforge Dreamer NX 3d printed object sample | Flashforgeshop

FlashPrint Support

FlashPrint slicing software | Flashforgeshop
Qualified for beginners & experts 3d printing demands. 
 FlashPrint slicing software | Flashforgeshop
Manage multiple 3D Printers via WiFi.
FlashPrint slicing software | Flashforgeshop
Offers linear and treelike supports.
FlashPrint slicing software | Flashforgeshop
Link to FlashCloud to download & share 3d ideas.
  • Extruder Number1
  • Extruder Diameter0.4 mm
  • Maximum Set Temp. of Extruder240 ℃
  • Maximum Set Temp. of Platform120 ℃
  • Print Speed10-200 mm/s
  • Support FilamentPLA , TPU 95A, ABS, PETG
  • Print Volume230*150*140 mm
  • Layer Resolution0.1-0.4 mm
  • Print Resolution±0.2 mm
  • Device Size485*344*382(402) mm
  • Screen3.5-inch Touch Screen
  • Net Weight10.7 kg
  • Gross Weight16.7 kg
  • Input100-240 VAC, 47-63Hz
  • Output24 V, 13.3 A
  • Power320 W
  • Internal Storage8 G
  • SpoolExternal
  • Data TransmissionUSB cable, SD card, Wi-Fi
  • SoftwareFlashPrint
  • Outputgx/ g files
  • Input3mf / stl / obj / fpp / bmp / png / jpg / jpeg files
  • Filter Fan 2
  • Noise 65dB
  • Working Environment18-30 ℃
  • Camerano
Comparison between Dreamer and Dreamer NX
  Dreamer Dreamer NX
Extruder quantity 2 1
Filament type ABS, PLA, TPU 95A, PVA ABS, PLA, TPU 95A
Compatible slicing software FlashPrint
Simplify3D 3.0 version (Direct use)
Slic3r, Skeinforge, Cura(Set up required)
Slic3r, Skeinforge, Cura(Set up required)
Constant Temperature Circulating System
Ultra silence design × ×
Touch LCD screen
Filament running out reminding × ×
Resume print from power failure × ×
Remote camera monitoring × ×
Password lock ×
Wireless WIFI
Cloud printing × ×
Air filter net × ×
Net weight of complimentary filaments 500g/roll*2 500g/roll*2
Product accessories
3D Printer X1
500g Random Filament X2
Power Cable X1
USB Cable X1
Support Holder X2
SD Card X1
Build Tape X1
Leveling Card X1
Tool Kit
Quick Start Guide X1
After-sales Service Card X1
Tool Kit:
SD Card / Tweezer / Graver / Scraper / Wrench /Grease / Allen Wrench / Phillips Screwdriver Unclogging Pin Tool / PTFE tube / Screws / Leveling nut
Extruder’s Accessory Kit Contents:
M3 x 8 Bolt*4 / Turbofan Baffle
Customer Reviews
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All comments
United States
This printer was pretty easy to setup and if you have any questions just look on youtube for help. Would recommend to anyone as this prints perfectly.
United States
I was surprised at how easy it actually was to get setup! I was able to start printing within an hour of unboxing. My review is based on the price point as I'm sure my prints are not the highest of quality but I was very happy based on the cost.
United States
Since I bought mine about a year ago all I have ever had to do is simple things like level the bed, clean off the nozzle and apply small bits of oil. I have owned 5 printers over the years from 4 companies. This is by far the best out of them all. Has a smaller print area than most of my other machines but that is the only drawback I have seen so far of any note. Better customer service than other companies too. I have printed PLA, PLA+, ABS, PETG and more on this machine with no problems.
United Kingdom
I have two 3D printers already, but wanted an enclosed one. It is very easy to setup and the print quality is outstanding. Prints ABS filament perfectly, no warping as long as the bed is properly levelled. I have used PLA and PETG too with no issues. The print bed is fantastic, I use no adhesive or tape for anything I print, regardless of filament type. The supplied filament prints nicely but is badly wound and I have had a failed print because of it. Hopefully not all are like it but something to watch out for. So, if you are in the market for an out of the box, ready to go 3D Printer, I highly recommend this, I absolutely love it.
United States
I've had this printer for two months and it has worked great for me, a 3d printing novice (but learning rapidly). After two months I had a failure of the LCD/Touch screen and Flashforge sent me a replacement very quickly. I installed it and it's worker great again. Kudos to Flashforge support! Highly recommended if you just want a 3d printer that works.
United States
It's a nice machine for its size. You should Plan on getting the flash thumb drive as I had some issues getting the machine to accept files from the computer. The flash drive work much better. The finished product is a bit rough. Not too bad but what would one expect from a personal 3d printer. This is not a $10000 printer. Overall I'm pleased with it. It just needs some printer to computer communications improvement.
United States
This printer works great, followed the simple instructions for unpacking and setup and was printing in minutes. This like all 3D filament printers takes a little bit of getting used to the different types of filaments and there individual requirements. Overall a very good 3D printer and the case works great to prevent breezes when printing ABS. FYI: Make your first prints with PLA it is much more forgiving.
United States
Box opening and extruder installation was relatively easy, leveling was quick. The printers did the job, printing medical PPE parts for hospitals facing Coronavirus. The specialized parts were gaskets printed in TPU Flexible Filament. These two Dreamer NXs got the job done and more than paid for themselves.
United States
Our business uses 10 flashforge 3d printers including Dreamer NX, Guider Pro, and original dreamer among other Flashforge products, and we are so happy with our experience so far their customer service is always fast and accommodating. The print quality is outstanding, stable and finished product will make your questions whether its 3d printed or not... We recommend this machine for beginners and more advanced 3D printing.
It is a wonderful printer, easy to set up and use, very good printing ABS when closed and maintaining temperature, delighted with your purchase
United States
My first printer and it’s been good. Went through the first spoil without issues other than those horrible printer bed stickers. It’s next to impossible to remove prints from these things. On the second spool had a pretty bad clog that had to be disassembled to fix. But since I unclogged it and switched to a glass bed it’s bed good
Bought for my dad who intends to try his hand in this adventure, where having bought one to assemble not going to be successful because inaccurate, we bought this one that is already assembled and easy to use. Inside there is a programmino to manage the printer, silent and very precise!!!As soon as we have the program to draw I will put quualche photos of our creations. The box is well protected even if it takes shocks, everything arranged to rule of art
United States
Very easy to use and the print quality it fantastic
United Kingdom
Product arrived on time. Was reasonably easy to use. Although more instructions would of been an advantage. Other than that a nice product.
United Kingdom
Simply cannot fault it, the prints produced are stunning, it quite and has yet to fail a print
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