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Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite 3D Printer Auto Leveling Super Cost-effective for Family Use

4.9 30 Reviews

US$ 329.00 - US$ 450.00
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Auto leveling 3d printer for home use, super cost-effective.

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US, Europe, Australia local dispatching, 3-5 days delivery.

Main features:

  • Out of the box: fully assembled, lightweight, and minimalist desktop 3D printer (build volume: 150*150*150 mm).
  • Detachable nozzle & fast heating: remove the nozzle from the extruder in one push; Stainless steel tube material; Heated to 240°C in 50 seconds.
  • Filament auto feeding: put the end of Filament in, the 3d printing machine will auto feeding.
  • FREE 3D printer slicer FlashPrint: slice 3d model files and prepare for 3d printing quickly and easily.
  • Cloud storage: Save, share and download 3d printable designs on our FlashCloud platform freely.
  • Super quiet printing: < 45 decibels noise level.
  • Get 50g filament for FREE; compatible with PLA and ABS filament.
  • Removable bendable build plate: remove 3d objects perfectly & easily.

Key Features

No Leveling

Adventurer 3 Lite is a fully assembled 3d printer without bed leveling requirements. Super friendly for 3d printing beginners: simply send printable files, insert filament, and command printing on the touchscreen. 
Adventurer 3 Lite Auto-leveling | Flashforgeshop
Adventurer 3 Lite 3d printer Filament Auto-feedling | Flashforgeshop

Auto Filament Feeding

Just put an end of the filament into the inlet, then command filament loading on the touchscreen. Filament will be automatically even feeding to the extruder, which helps to achieve perfect 3d print result.

Detachable Nozzle

Adventurer 3 Lite's nozzle is easily detachable. Just press the buckles on the nozzle assembly to remove it, and you can insert new ones in the same way. Super easy! Flashforge offers an advanced nozzle with max. temp up to 265℃, allowing you to print advanced materials.
Adventurer 3 Lite 3d printer nozzle | Flashforgeshop
Adventurer 3 Lite 3d printer build plate | Flashforgeshop

Heatable Flexible Platform

Adventurer 3 Lite saves your worry of damaging models when removing them from 3d printer build bed. Its build platform can be pulled out from the printer chamber, even better, it can be slightly bent to remove models stick tight to build bed. 

3D Printing at 45db

Adventurer 3 Lite makes 45dB sound when print 3d objects. You don't even know the 3d printing machine is working unless sitting next to it. This feature lets you concentrate on other businesses while having the printer working.
Adventurer 3 Lite Mute Printing 3d printer | Flashforgeshop

Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite Application

Adventurer 3 Lite, sharing the same high-performance 3d printing as Adventurer 3 while cost less, is indeed a great option for those after cheap 3d printers with good print results. Here are some 3d print samples by Adventurer 3 Lite.
Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite model | Flashforgeshop

FlashPrint Support

FlashPrint slicing software | Flashforgeshop
Friendly for both 3d printer beginners & advanced users. 
 FlashPrint slicing software | Flashforgeshop
Wirelessly Manage several 3D Printers.
FlashPrint slicing software | Flashforgeshop
Print complex 3d models with linear & treelike supports.
Adventurer 3 supports cloud 3d printing | Flashforgeshop
Link to FlashCloud to download & share 3d ideas.
  • Extruder Number1
  • Extruder Diameter0.4 mm
  • Maximum Set Temp. of Extruder240 ℃
  • Maximum Set Temp. of Platform100 ℃
  • Print Speed10-100 mm/s
  • Support FilamentPLA / ABS
  • Print Volume150*150*150 mm
  • Layer Resolution0.1-0.4 mm
  • Print Resolution±0.2 mm
  • Device Size388*340*405 mm
  • Screen2.8-inch Touch Screen
  • Net Weight9 kg
  • Gross Weight13 kg
  • Input100-240 VAC, 47-63Hz
  • Output24 V, 6.25 A
  • Power150 W
  • Spool Hold Diameter52 mm
  • Contain Spool Diameter50*200d*52h
  • Internal Storage8G
  • Data TransmissionUSB stick, Wi-Fi, Ethernet FlashCloud, PolarCloud
  • SoftwareFlashPrint
  • Input3mf / stl / obj / fpp / bmp / png jpg / jpeg files
  • Outputgx/g files
  • Camera1
  • Filter FanOption
  • Noise <45dB
  • Working Environment18-30 ℃
Comparison between Adventurer 3 and Adventurer 3 Lite
  Adventurer 3 Adventurer 3 Lite
Build plate heating time 3-5mins to 100℃ 3-5mins to 100℃
Auto bed leveling    
Filament running out reminding    
Replaceable print bed    
Flexible printing bed    
Ultra silence design    
Resume print from power failure    
Remote camera monitoring    
Wireless WIFI    
Cloud printing    
Top fan    
Net weight of complimentary filaments 250g 50g
Product accessories
3D Printer X1
50g Random filament X1
Power Cable X1
Quick Start Guide X1
After-sales service card X1
Screwdriver X1
Unclogging Pin Tool X1
Allen Wrench X1
Grease X1
Customer Reviews
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4 Stars
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All comments
United States
Easy to use 3D printer with no assembly required. Made great prints of various sizes and shapes. I recommend doing the firmware update as soon as you receive the printer. This fixes issues with some USB sticks not being read. The first thing I did was set the auto calibration, it’s a 9 point calibration that will prevent a lot if reprints. WiFi has issues detecting newer routers. I changed mine from auto to channel 1 on the 2.4Ghz and it found it. Overall great printer if you want to print ABS and PLA. If you just want a PLA printer, cheaper options are available but may not be as user friendly as flashforge.
United States
Printer was easy to setup. First print was a custom birthday cake on standard resolution, 15% fill. Thrilled to see how well it came out. Tweaking some options yielded even better results with other models. So far, all of our prints have worked. They look good. This includes several custom models I made using SketchUp. Also printed a helicopter pull toy (4 pieces), chess pieces, boomerangs, and more. Using the slicer program FlashPrint, our models load and transfer fine. this includes STL models from Thingverse and Sketchup.
Where this printer really shines is for small functional parts where you need the advantages of ABS. The ability to rapidly model parts in Fusion 360, make a print, and iterate on the design is game-changing. This weekend I went through seven prototypes of a small silver dollar sized widget in a few hours. Model with CAD, print, test, modify model, print, test; over and over seven times until the design was good to go. After I'm happy with the prototype printed via PLA I can switch to ABS and start printing function parts (I recommend venting to the exterior if printing ABS, which is made easy with a small hood over the printer's rear exhaust vent). I really like this tool-toy, it's a game changer for the design and production of small batches of functional parts.
United States
If you are a beginner with little to no knowledge about 3D printing then this might be the right printer for you. I have over 300 hours on this thing in a month and I am very impressed.
United States
Generally this is an excellent entry level 3D printer. I bought this with Zero experience or knowledge and was printing my own designs and selling in a day. However it is not without it's limitations. .5kg filament spool is annoying. This Printer will not print soft filaments NO TPU qq. But the strengths. Virtually no setup, this comes out of the box ready to print. Super easy to use. Quiet. I run this even during meetings. Enjoy.
United States
Easy to use out the box, just plug it up, load the filiment and send the G-code and you’re off!
United States
Super quiet and has a nice manual calibration mode for the bed slightly out of whack. That's also being right third 3D printer I'm quite pleased with it.
United States
Print quality is amazing for such an affordable 3d printer! The build quality is solid! Mika 3D filament works great in this printer!
United States
Printed initially out the box. Doesn't support 1Kg Spool, but easy fix by printing a spool extender unless you want to buy 0.5 spools. otherwise the printer is excellent.
United States
I bought this just to try out 3D printing. I have to say that I have been super happy with this printer. I had the test piece off the machine probably in 45 minutes of opening the box. The only problem I had was the machine recognizing the usb stick. I found an old usb stick and that worked. I read that is had to do with the formatting of the usb stick. I have only used Flashforge Flash Print for slicing software to make little projects from Thingiverse. I absolutely recommend this printer to someone new to 3D printing. I found this easier to set up than a paper printer. It’s quiet and does not take up a lot of space. For $299.00 you can’t go wrong.
United States
Works great, and has a straight forward out of the box setup which is not overly technical. Prints great with the proprietary software was able to download and print stuff right away with a little trial and error. hey, whoops scaffolding, who knew? Only issue I would say I have is that it takes a .5kg spool so I had to rig a spool hanger so I could print a better spool holder, but otherwise a very new to 3d printing friendly printer. Also apearantly super quiet compared to most printers. People didn't believe I slept in the room with this while it was printing.
United States
The features I liked on this were fairly low price 150 x 150 x 150 print space, enclosed (quieter), ethernet ability. I do not need the absolute best quality for most of my stuff.....and this one spec'ed out to match my needs. First....out of box to printing test block was less than 10 minutes. Block was pre-loaded, so it was easy. First print was about 11 minutes and ended up dimensionally near perfect. Two other prints (from my files--one thing verse, one mine) loaded via usb stick perfectly. Both were items I have printed previously.....about the same time as printing with my Dremel and dimensionally (and finish) an improvement. 5 items on three prints all have been perfect.
This is a really fun tool! Got this for my 10-year-old son (... and me!). We are new to 3D printing, but the quality seems good (I'm satisfied). My son is loving it - printing several different characters and toys he has found in Makerbot's Thingiverse.
United States
Santa brought a printer that took an hour to set up and didn’t print straight and didn’t complete the project. This printer is perfect. You take it out of the box and plug it in and it’s ready to go. We were able to print beautiful projects right away. Highly recommended. We love it!
United States
I love this printer! It's great for beginners because there is almost no setup required you just plug it in, load the filament and it's pretty much ready to go. The bed doesn't have to be levelled manually which is nice. Leveling the bed on my previous printer was a nightmare and prints still looked rough. All of my prints have come out smooth and nice even on the lowest setting. It also has great bed adhesion(sometimes a little too good, I've had a couple prints get stuck.) The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is mine malfunctioned and wouldn't let me load or unload filament. I returned it and reordered one directly from flashforge since Amazon was out of stock at the time. I haven't had any problems at all. I'd also recommend buying directly from flashforge because they don't add tax, so I paid an even $369 and saved about $25. Overall a great printer and I highly recommend it, especially if you're a beginner looking for something easy to use!
United States
It only took me about 10 mins to unbox and print something. That's Impressive!!! Great for beginners and curious folks. This is my first venture into 3D printing and this printer is simply awesome! Love the ability to just print from my laptop since the printer is on my WiFi network.
United States
This printer is amazing and it truly does drop right out of the box and work. I was printing within minutes after getting it unboxed. Very simple and has a lot of features(like a camera you can stream, wifi loading, and etc..). Absolutely great item to get started. Build area is comparable for this price range. If there was anything I would change would be getting a bigger build area(which always equates to more expense). But for getting started, absolutely the best!
United States
The machine is well made able to print layers close to half a mm. Make sure when buying this that you know that the filament compartment only supports up to half kg spools, but you can easily work around that with an external spool holder or modded dry box. The external casing looks great and would blend in easily in an office environment. Personally the feature I liked the most on this machine was the wireless functionality, allowing you to setup a hotspot from the printer itself if you don't have wifi at home.
United States
Knowing nothing about 3D printing, my kids and I got this unit. It is very simple to get started and, generally, just "works". The product is simple to use and after watching videos about different types of 3D printers, this one has great software, is well built, and is jut big enough to make some interesting pieces.
United States
This printer is amazing and I have had several. Trial and error! It is a workhorse! Very easy and durable.
United States
Absolutely in love with this printer so far! Prints are super clean and the program to slice your objects is super easy to use. drag and drop your stl file and your all set. The suggested supports for your prints are amazing. Only wish it was a larger print area so i could do larger prints. (will update this if anything occurs)
United States
I have owned a few 3d printers, and worked with a some others. For the money, the print quality is fantastic. I am thoroughly pleased with this printer. My last printer, I was constantly having to level the bed, and tinker with it. This one was printing out of the box. Since there is nothing else to do with COVID, I have been printing daily. It just keeps going, with only 1 bad print, out of dozens, and it was my fault. I love it! If you want to tinker on your printer, or start getting complicated with your prints, get something else. If you want to 3d print easily, get this one.
United States
This was my first printer and it was amazing I was able to use it straight out of the box and saw pretty decent build quality. The only downside is the small build plate so you won’t be able to make very large prints but as a beginner you really shouldn’t have need for any complex or giant builds
United States
This was my first ever 3D printer and I'm so glad I decided to go with it. It's the perfect gateway drug to 3D printing and has taught me a lot about maintenance and filament and the like. Prints almost as well as my Prusa!
United States
Good beginner printer for under $500. This printer is not one that you're gonna have to tinker with alot but will get some use out of. Most of my prints come out great unless its something I've changed in the settings. The overall quality of my prints are great.
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