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Flashforge Foto 8.9 4K Mono LCD Resin 3D Printer Higher Print Speed

5.0 22 Reviews

US$ 379.00 - US$ 760.00 US$ 499.00 - US$ 859.00

4K monoscreen, higher speed.

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4K Monoscreen
New Parallel Lighting Source | Higher Print Speed
Foto 8.9 LCD resin 3d printer | Flashforgeshop
Key Features


8.9-inch Monoscreen

Fine 3d printing


Higher Printing Speed

Print 50% faster


Larger Build Volume



High-Performance Z-axis

Prints with delicate textures


8x Anti-aliasing

Smoothing 3d model edges


Parallel UV Light Source

Even lighting


Easy Bed Leveling

Beginner friendly


Layer Thickness



Quick 3D Slicing

Multi-function, easy operation

4K Monoscreen

The ultra-high-resolution 3840*2400 pixels 4K monoscreen significantly restores 3d design details, ensures Foto 8 prints fine 3d models with full specifics.
With a lifespan of around 2000h, it is more durable than an ordinary color screen.
4K Monoscreen 3d printer | Flashforgeshop
Print speed prior to upgrade
Print speed increases from upgrade

Printing 50% Faster

The upgraded Monoscreen allows greater air permeability, which eventually speeds up 3d printing.
Take Voxelab standard resin, for example, Foto8.9 prints at 17-25mm/h with 0.05mm layer thickness.
Prints many 3d objects at one go!
print multiple 3d objects at one go | Flashforgeshop

New Parallel UV Lighting Source

Foto 8.9 uses a 405nm-wavelength UV integrated light source. This new parallel UV lighting source uniforms light distribution, reduces heating, works stably with high performance. Combined with a 4K monoscreen, this lighting source helps ensure a higher printing success rate and finer details of printed 3d objects.
LCD resin 3d printer Parallel UV Lighting Source | Flashforgeshop

Effective Heat Dissipation System

Innovative airflow design ensures Foto 8.9 an optimal 3d printing environment, which helps increase 3d printing quality and extends the monoscreen's service life.
Additionally, it greatly reduces 3d printing machine maintain cost, save worry!
Foto 6.0 3d printer Heat Dissipation System | Flashforgeshop
LCD 3d printer structure | Flashforgeshop

Double Linear Rails Z-axis System

Equips with double linear rails, wire rod motor and nuts, the Z-axis linear rails move steadily. This allows Foto 8.9 to eliminate layer lines and riffles on final 3d prints, shows smooth surface and delicate texture.

LCD resin 3d printer slicer | Flashforgeshop

Supports Two Slicing Software

Foto 8.9 works with CHITUBOX and Flashforge self-developed slicer FlashDLPrint. With its easy operation, 8x Anti-aliasing feature, and many more practical functions, Foto 8.9 empowers everyone, even 3d print beginners, to print 3d models with smooth edges and elegant looks.

Larger Build Volume

Max build volume 192*120*200mm meets printing requirements of big and creative designs.
Large LCD resin 3d printer | Flashforgeshop
Model Display

Below are 3d prints that painted by the Printable Scenery team, they also did a review about this unit. Check out Foto 8.9 review.

3d item printed by Foto 8.9 | Flashforgeshop
3d item printed by Foto 8.9 | Flashforgeshop
3d item printed by Foto 8.9 | Flashforgeshop
  • Printing TechnologyLCD-based SLA 3D Printer
  • Light Source405nm LED light source
  • Layer Thickness0.025-0.2 mm
  • Build Volume192*120*200mm
  • Pixel Size50μm
  • LCD Screen8.9'' 4K monochrome LCD screen
  • Eclipser Resolution3840*2400
  • Support Resin405nm wavelength photosensitive resin
  • Touch Screen3.5'' touch screen
  • Printer Size280*240*465mm
  • Input Voltage12V 5A
  • File FormatInput: stl file
  • Power120W
  • Net Weight12.5 kg
  • Gross Weight15 kg
  • Slicing SoftwareChituBox/FlashDLPrint
  • Print MethodUSB
  • LanguageEN/CN
Product accessories
3D Printer X1
Power cable X1
Quick start guide X1
After-sales service card X1
Power adapter X1
USB stick X1
Build platform X1
Gloves X1
Tool kit X1
Paper funnel X1
Metal scraper X1
Plastic scraper X1
Customer Reviews
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United States
This printer is absolutely amazing in every way. It exceeded my expectations and honestly makes me glad I waited to get into resin printing. The build plate is sloped so the resin runs off, the print resolution is astonishing, and it produces absolutely amazing prints even though I have no experience with resin printing. Huge build volume, linear rails, and a bunch of well thought out touches make this a great purchase, and the price is a steal.
I love this printer. After watching a ton of youtube videos about resin 3D printing - Flashforge seemed to be the best name in the business! This printer works so good and it is easy to use I promise you will have no regrets getting one. Flashforge seems to be one of the best quality printer out there and the foto8.9 is mid-size, which is large enough for most things you'd want to print. This is my first 3D printer of any kind, and while there is a bit of a learning curve, if you do your research and are well informed you can be up in printing in no time. I hear the Mars Pro is also good, but much smaller, the foto8.9 allows me to make larger items and some items that are too big, I can slice into parts and still have them printed off. It seems to be the best solution for anyone who wants to make props, action figure sized models or dioramas, helmets, etc. The machine is super quiet can barley hear it and often have to check in on it to make sure it is still running because it so quiet.
United States
I own 3 resin 3d printers, an Anycubic Photon (original), Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k and now the Flashforge Foto8.9. I think the Foto8.9 is by far the best built of them all. What really sets the machine apart is Flashforge's customer support. I had an issue with my buildplate (it was not flat) so I messaged the support team and they responded quickly with kindness and respect. Not the way Phrozen had responded to me. They are fixing the issue with only a few questions about specifics. I didn't feel like I had done something wrong. I would buy more Flashforge products just for that simple fact. Keep up the great work Flashforge.
United States
After using a FDM printer for a while, I wanted to give SLA printing a shot. This printer looked really similar to other SLA printers, so I gave it a shot. Overall, printing in SLA is way more difficult than with a typical FDM printer, but the print quality is super detailed compared to what my normal 3D printer can do. Coming out of the box, everything looked good. The SLA printer was pre-assembled. All I had to do was take out the plastic protective packaging and foam protection. The printer came with an included USB drive that comes with a pre-configured CHITUBOX settings file that you can use to upload the Proxima print settings. The packaging also came with gloves, a filter, and the rest of the tools needed to level the bed. First Print: For the first print, I had to level the bed. The included instruction manual tells you how to level the bed. I found that watching a quick YouTube video was easier to follow. After leveling the bed, I hopped on the computer and installed a program called “CHITUBOX”. In that slicing software, you can find the Voxelab Proxima printer. I ended up using those pre-configured settings. For my first print, I went with the included deer and a simple Rook I found online. After getting the file ready, I hopped onto the SLA printer, and went through the settings menu to print my models. The menu is easy enough to navigate through. I did have some mis-touches on the touch screen, but that’s fine. There is also a fair bit of dummy proofing that went into the software. Initially, I had the wrong file type set, and it gave me an error and wouldn’t let me print. The next time, I had the wrong resolution set, and it gave me another error and wouldn’t let me print again. All of these issues were all user errors. I did eventually get it to print on my third attempt. I found that this SLA printers have a much higher and messier learning curve than my FDM 3D printer. Anyways, after my successful first print, I did the recommended post-processing, and the results turned out really good. There is no way I could get the fine details that I got from this SLA printer in a normal FDM 3D printer. Final Thoughts: For a SLA printer in this price range, there is nothing that I found wrong with it. Everything worked out of the box. I had a bunch of issues initially and wasted some resin, but they were all due to my fault. But hey, it’s a learning experience. If you’re dipping your toes into SLA printing, then this would be a good start. I do recommend spending some money to get all of the material needed for post-processing though. The cost of those items also needs to be factored into the SLA printing hobby.
United States
I own both a foto 8.9 and foto 8.9pro and both are excellent printers. Very high quality feel, mono LCDs, and great print quality. I print dice so small details are important and they come out perfect. The other big plus for Flashforge is their support. They are always helpful with any issue, though you will have to be a bit patient as they are based in China so they only respond at night for US customers. However, I always get a prompt response and they are happy to help with any issues. Buy with confidence, you'll love this thing.
I have an adventurer 3, works smoothly since purchase. So I turned to flashforge directly when I decided to add a resin printer. Foto 8.9 is a great printer that is sturdy and produces precise quality prints. Got some trouble for my first resin printing, flashforge support team guided me through quickly.
United States
so far the machine has been amazing. It did took me a few prints to get the settings right.
United States
I just purchased my second foto8.9. I have had the first one for over a year and it has been a great machine. It’s easy to use and has few failures. I did have an issue when I went to replace the LCD screen where I could not get it to take the new firmware. After some back and forth with tech support they agreed to replace the printer and sent me a new one at no charge.
United States
WOW!!! Voxelab you really out did yourselves again!!! This is my second printer from Voxelab. I have an Aquila as well. VERY IMPRESSED with what i got for 179.99. Compared to my Longer Orange 10 (which is currently harvested because the matrix led panel had resin drip down onto it and ruined it...and i have yet to find the part to replace it. Ive checked everywhere including MISUMI and all other manufacturers of similar product) for which i paid 279.99 at the beginning of 2020, this is way way better. I was totally not expecting such a monster of a machine. I love that it uses USB instead of SD card too. The packaging was obviously done by someone who cares about what the customer receives and/or someone who is as OCD as I am. Very secure and plenty of extra padding for safety. Not a scratch on it or a dent in the box. The best part is (this is a compliment for amazon) is It wasn't scheduled to arrive until next Wednesday. I go out on the porch today and it was here. Way early!!!! THANK YOU!!! I feel like a little kid on Christmas. Ok i am going to fire this bad boy up...Ill update later. THANK YOU AGAIN TO AMAZON, AMAZON DELIVERY, AND VOXELAB for such a great product.
United States
I am going to have to come back and edit this review when I have better luck. I am NOT, by any means, downplaying the capability of this printer. It is an amazing piece of technology. I am just frustrated and having trouble getting mine dialed in for the specific use I bought it for (To print my own tiny heads in 1/6 action figure scale). Which is exactly why I intend to get better at using it, and once it IS dialed in, come back and edit this review with photos of beautiful things I've printed on my machine, free of errors. The test rooks supplied with the printer printed absolutely gorgeous. Everything else after that has been almost hit or total miss.
United States
This is my 5 Voxelabs Resin Printer. I really trust this brand ever since I purchased an Aquila. I started with the Próxima 6 inch one and upgraded to the 8.9 inch and now possibilities are endless. I’m just upset that they put it on sale $50 of literally right after I made my purchase. 😭😭 Great printer though! Must buy if you want a 8.9 inch printer and love Voxelabs equipment! Follow my Instagram @Leo_printz562 to check out more of my prints! I am followed by Voxelabs official and still purchased this printer. So this is a completely honest review!
United States
I got my foto 8.9 after owning a smaller format resin printer for a while first. Admittedly, there was a learning curve for the larger format printing, but once I got it tuned in - I have been blown away by every print that comes off the machine. Now let me take a moment to point out another amazing feature of this machine - the customer support of the company, Flashforge. I had some technical issues while I was getting everything running, and I contacted their customer support for assistance. I was weary, as I figured a company based in China is not going to be of much assistance to me... was I ever wrong! The customer support is AMAZING, and they are so wonderful, nice and helpful in email. After some exchanged messages, they troubleshot my issue and mailed me out a replacement part right away. They made the process so painless, and I could not have been happier!! Kudos to Flashforge!
United States
This is my first 3D resin print and I am amazed at how good it is at printing out fine details smaller than a sesame grain. I had experience with FDM printing before but it came nowhere near this machine in terms of resolution, precision and speed. The machine is really fast no matter how many objects I'm printing in one go since each layer is printed at once, and it runs quiet enough. The resin can be hard to smell so it'd better be left running in a well-ventilated space.
United States
I chose the flashforge foto8.9 based on several reviews showing its build quality vs their direct competitor the anycubic mono x. Also after owning an anycubic mono se I can say without a doubt the foto8.9 is a higher quality printer. The resolution is amazing and the build plate is perfectly sized for me. I liked the printer so much I went out and bought another. It's a little disappointing that the extra vats are sometimes hard to get. I would recommend this printer to anyone looking to get into their first resin printer and don't want to compromise on build size.
United Kingdom
I used to use a filament printer from Creality. It was okay but pieces started to fail on it and the cost of replacing them were pretty much going to be the price of a new filament printer. I decided to save up a bit and get this resin printer. I am SO glad that I did. It honestly is easier to use and offers better quality in every way. Sure there is the extra step of washing the print and curing it, but it's worth it for everything else you gain.
United States
Nothing but good things to say about this printer. I've probably put about 30hrs of printing through this thing already and aside from the first few failed prints (My fault) I've had 0 issues and the prints are super high quality! I've always wanted to print larger things on my SLA printers and have always been limited by the bed size. With almost 5 x 7 in bed though printing larger models with out the need to slice things up is possible. The printer is pretty quiet compared to my photon and the screen is much easier to read. Took me less than a minute to level the bed and about 5 minutes till I was printing my first model. With the complete cover over the printer the smell of resin is much less noticeable than with my photon as well, at first i thought the cover was a draw back but now I actually prefer it. Something I always struggled with too with my photon was the single rail causing every so slight wobble in my prints too but the dual Z rails on the Proxima has eliminated that issue. I've printed a Cubone skull to the max height and the model came out super smooth with no flaws. Overall definitly would recommend this printer to even a beginner with how easy it is to operate and more possibilities over a smaller sla printer.
United States
I researched for a few weeks before settling on the voxelab 8.9” pro. When it came up on sale it was a no brainer. Leveling: I have only leveled it once and have put about 5 liters of resin through it so far with no failures due to the printer. Config: there’s a config file to import into chitubox and works perfect with many fast resins. Software: it’s not supported by lychee yet but the two smaller ones are and hope to have it added soon. You can still work on your files in any of them and slice with either chitu or voxelabs own software. I prefer to slice with chitu at the moment. Service: I haven’t had one problem with the machine. HOWEVER I ordered FEP film from them and have received the wrong size twice. I had to buy another brand to use while I’m still waiting on the replacement sheets. Community: the Facebook group has many helpful members to help beginners get going. I also recommend looking at the YouTube videos and reviews to get all the information you should need. Updated with a few prints The ram skull is siraya tec fast white on the base settings. Came out great. It’s in 6pc and I used resin to connect them all. Tenjin I’m not a gamer or miniature fan, but this was cool as I lived in japan for 20 years. It’s done in a few resins. The brown is Zmud. I’m not a fan of this resin. The others were siraya tec Smokey black and fast gray. I’ve only had a failure with the zmud. To me it’s too soft and crumbles easily. I have test cards and tried different settings but it just not as worry free as the siraya tec resins.
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