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Voxelab Aquila C2 FDM 3D Printer

5.0 14 Reviews

US$ 179.00 - US$ 247.00 US$ 179.00 - US$ 274.00
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3-15 days FREE Shipping within the contiguous United States (excludes, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico), UK, Australia.
Aquila C2
Large build volume, most cost-effective FDM 3D printer for beginners
Replaceable build plate
Carbon crystal silicon plate ensures fast heating to 60℃ in minutes. Strong adhesion and excellent bottom-layer print effects.
Resuming print
No worry about unexpected power off. Aquila C2 could remain former printing when power is on, not starting from scratch. Saving time and energy!
Supporting Cura/VoxelMaker/Simplify 3D
Free download slicer software Cura/VoxelMaker online, or purchase Simplify 3D.
  • Extruder Number1
  • Extruder Diameter0.4 mm
  • Maximum Set Temp. of Extruder250 ℃
  • Maximum Set Temp. of Platform100 ℃
  • Print Speed≤180mm/s,30-60mm/s normally
  • Support FilamentPLA , ABS, PETG
  • Print Volume220*220*250mm
  • Layer Resolution0.1-0.4 mm
  • Print Resolution±0.2 mm
  • Device Size465*480*473(620)mm
  • Package Size570*380*214mm
  • Screen4.3-inch Screen
  • Net Weight7.5 kg
  • Gross Weight9 kg
  • InputAC 115/230V 50/60Hz
  • OutputDC 24V
  • Power350 W
  • Working modeMemory card offline printing
  • SoftwareCura / Simplify 3D / VoxelMaker
  • Outputgcode
  • Input3mf / stl / obj / fpp / bmp / png / jpg / jpeg files
  • Running Noise 50dB
  • Working Environment15-30 ℃
  • Resume printing functionYes
  • Filament sensorNo
  • Language switchEnglish
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United States
I bought this for my soon to be 13 yo son. We wanted to surprise him with something other than games/ money. He was so excited( thought he was getting scuba gear) that we goit him this! I researched online and a lot of the written reviews here at Amazon helped me make my decision. I did not want anything too expensive in case he didn't enjoy 3D printmaking. My son put this together himself in about 1 hour, and was printing his test hook shortly after that. He has been printing nonstop. He is still using factory settings- if it's not broke, why change them? This is a great entry level 3D printer, set up was done by a 13 yo, works straight out the box with no modifications ( yet ;) ).
United States
Amazing device for anyone on a budget or a beginner. Very compact but very reliable. Replace the fans ASAP because they are pretty load. I watched a youtube video on how to do it, really easy! Print quality is unbelievably good once you get your settings dialed in. Bed plate is a little small, but you can always cut up the STL file and print in smaller pieces. Overall this is a must have and well worth the cheap price!
United States
I bought this printer to temporarily replace my ender 3 while I figure out how to fix blue screen of death on it. However right out of the gate this printer has been so much better then the ender 3 and it was 30$ less. I didn't have any trouble leveling it. I didn't need any adhesive. The only issue I'm running into is the filament doesn't always turn over and has snapped a few times. To fix that I just loosen up the roll and check it every few hours. I should also mention im not a professional.
United Kingdom
So many players in 3d printing all claiming to do something better than this and selling for 10 times the cost. I've managed to get perfect tolerances out of every one of my prints right out of the box. Perfect layers and good speed. It is my 10th printer so I know what I'm doing but still I'd recommend this to anyone just starting out with a good idea they want to make real. The machine does have its limits, nylon and pc are off the table but you could do that with a few upgrades. The build volume is good for multiple small parts, the build plate was good and flat so you can use the whole area. There is a tiny bit of backlash artifacts in the first 2 layers but leveling it with a light push down should align it with the bottom pushing surface of the lead screw giving you a true second layer lift and fixing any elephants foot. This is the same with all printers as the lead screw nut is a disposable piece anyways. Laser thermometer shows accurate temperatures on the build plate. The screen is intuitive and the sd card that came with it is quality, no hiccups or freezes at all after a couple hundred hours of printing. 10/10 I'll definately. Be getting another one or two.
United States
I ordered my 3d printer March 14 from Amazon, it came on the 17th and I've been printing likes crazy. The printer was easy to put together and took less than 30min. It works well and faster then the times let on. I love it!!!
United States
Great 3d printer if dont mind assembling it or getting someone to do it with instructions that are easy to follow if have some experience putting things together. Spending 4 hours assembling it and an hour adjusting it I am printing in 3d with very little invested in doing on it's very economical price. The print quality on mine excellent after getting the bed leveled even the details on 3d prints are perfect so far. On putting it together yourself great learning experience plus understand 3d printer some such as I didn't get the filament spool holder on tight enough but by assembling 3d printer myself some of understood how to fix it. Very happy with everything about printer so far. Everything was included except the computer to get up and printing with some extra parts may need.
United States
got mine today. frustrated over lack of no labels for any of the screws tho
United States
I have been 3D printing as a mechanical design engineer for a long time. I have used many different FDM printers, MJF, SLS, Polyjet etc. I am very familiar with the pros and cons of each type of system. My last company had a Lulzbot which I loved for a tabletop FDM printer. Compared to the old 1st-2nd gen Makerbots we had previously, it was way better. I can honestly say that this Voxelab Aquila printer is just as good as the Lulzbot for 1/10th the cost. The frame is very durable and well designed. The setup was pretty easy to follow. I don't even mind the no-auto level, because once I leveled it it was pretty solid and stayed level. I found a Youtube video of a person who helps you set up Cura for use with this printer, and I have been rocking and rolling on my prototyping ever since. The PLA is kind of soft for functional testing, but I feel this is a good platform to get it beefed up for other materials with some aftermarket upgrades. Overall, for the price I am very pleased.
United States
I have 5 different printers. All of them are large format printers, except for my little Aquila C2. I bought my aquila C2 thinking that it would be good to have a cheap printer to make my projects go quicker and I would be using it for smaller parts that didn't necessarily need great print quality. As it turns out, though, this little printer has become my go to when I want a part to turn out beautiful. If you're considering this as your first printer, I would say go for it as long as you understand what you're getting into with 3d printing as a whole. It's a hobby that requires time, patience, and you have to be willing to learn. This printer comes as a kit and they give you all the tools you'll need for assembly, but the instructions could be better. If you're not mechanically inclined, this could be tough. But for those with a tinkering spirit or any prior 3d printing experience, it's a fairly simple setup. I'm using it with an ender 3 profile on Cura 4.9 and it just works great. It lays down consistently good prints and I haven't had to do any kind of firmware calibration to get it there. In my experience this is a great machine for the price.
United States
1. Well packed & arrived in perfect condition 2. Most of the factory installed screws were loose 3. The print bed was loose, the manual did explain how to adjust it 4. The manual could have had more details for us 1st time builders 5. The power cord is faulty - it would not plug into the connector on the rear of the printer. 6. SILK connector (filament run out) was not shown in the manual Took about 2.5 hrs to build should have been less but I made some mistakes! Leveling the bed was tedious but doable. 1st test print was a success, though it was very difficult to remove from the bed.
United States
This is my first 3D printer for my son and I. He is 11yo and put it together himself without any significant issues (consulted Dr. Youtube for help). We got some filament, leveled it and have made a few prints since. The print quality is very good. The printer generally is not difficult to use. It is not EASY though - meaning you have to level it often, check your settings, get a slicer (we use the free Cura software), etc., but there's plenty of help out there and just enjoy the learning curve. Great value here for a cool new gadget.
United States
You really can't go wrong for the price. If you're a beginner to 3d printing and you're willing to put in the time then this would be a worthy first printer. If your someone with experience in 3d printing then this is a great little machine to hack into something even better. Mine came with a broken x axis limit switch which was replaced under warranty by Voxelab, however it took about three weeks to get the replacement part. Fortunately I had several laying around so I was able get it running right away. Personally I would invest in a new extruder when I ordered the printer, it is my experience as it is with most others that the plastic creality style extruder will break in time.
United States
Out of the box, the blower fan (blows down) has a bearing issue. Sometimes it makes a loud bearing noise like the fan is 10 years old. I have to tap the side of the hot end a bunch of times to make it stop. Otherwise this is a FANTASTIC 3D printer. I have printed out about 10 thing son it already and they are perfect! Just MAKE SURE YOU level the bed properly. Also, my bed was VERY loose out of the box. It wobbled very badly, but just tightening the bed roller per the instructions made it perfect. If it wasn't for the horrible blower fan on the hot end, this was be 5 stars all day!
United States
My first 3d printer. It was fairly easy to put together. Went through and leveled the bed. It was easier than I thought it would be, just takes a few cycles of setting each corner before it stayed even. It was pretty well packaged and none of the parts seemed broken (was able to print a couple things without issue). I got it because it seemed very compatible with ender 3 after market parts and was pretty reasonably priced. It came with some software on the micro sd card as well as a few models you can print. Also comes with a micro SD reader that connects to your USB port. As a note, I am a computer engineer.
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