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Flashforge Adventurer 4 Powerful 3D Printer with Wider Compatibilities

4.9 56 Reviews

US$ 849.00 - US$ 1,109.00

Nine point auto calibration, Multi-nozzle-extruder options

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US(excludes, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico)/UK/AU/EU warehouse, FREE Shipping. 3-10 days delivery. Accessories are usually delivered in separate packages.

Main features:

  • Multiple nozzle extruder options: compatible with 0.3/0.4/0.6mm extruders, max temperature 240℃ & 265℃.
  • Quick-release nozzle design: patented buckle design, replace in 3 seconds.
  • Filament detection: auto-detects filament usage status, avoids filament waste, ensures printing efficiency.
  • Magnetic flexible build platform: easy model removal within 5 seconds.
  • 4.3-inch touchscreen: easy 3d print setup and control.
  • Resume printing: resume 3d printing from power failure.
  • Remote printing control by Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • Compatible with ABS, PLA, PC, PETG, PLA-CF, PETG-CF materials.
  • Open slicing software: FlashPrint, Cura, Slic3r.
  • Cloud printing: manage 3d printers and printable files on cloud platform freely.
  • Built-in-camera: remotely monitor and control 3d printing in Flashprint slicing software.
  • HEPA13 air filter: filters dust and odors effectively, healthy for indoor use.
  • Energy-saving mode: only 1KWH power consumption when standby overnight.
  • One spool of PLA filament is included (1000g).
Adventurer 4

The Easiest & Powerful 3D Printer for Everyone

Equipped with a nine point auto calibration platform, larger capacity, better slicing & cloud support, resume print, Adventurer 4 is among the easiest and most powerful 3d printers for home, school & office users.

Flashforge Adventurer 4 3d printer | Flashforgeshop

Key Features

Flashforge Adventurer 4 3d printer | Flashforgeshop

Flashforge Adventurer 4 Highlights

Quick Heat-up Detachable Nozzle Design

Equips with a quick heat-up nozzle (achieves 200℃ in only 60 seconds, Adventurer 4 allows you to print models with excellent quality in a shorter time. 
Adventurer 4 is compatible with 0.3/0.4/0.6mm extruders, max temperature 240℃ & 265℃. With an easy-removable nozzle design exactly like Adventurer 3 series, you may press buckle to disassemble & replace the nozzle within 3 seconds. Fulfills various 3d print requirements, while keeping low-maintenance costs.
Flashforge Adventurer 4 Demountable Nozzle Design | Flashforgeshop
Flashforge Adventurer 4 110℃ Flexible Platform | Flashforgeshop

110℃ Flexible Platform

With a platform made of CNC mounting base-level and an 8.0mm ultra-flat aluminum plate, Adventurer 4 ensures great print quality and a high success rate. Simply bend the platform to take down models in 5 seconds.

220*200*250mm Capacity

Ever bothered by your 3d printer limit build volume? Adventurer 4 allows you to print teeny-tiny 3d models and big 3d objects with max capacity 220*200*250mm, more than 2x larger than Adventurer 3 3d printer.
Flashforge Adventurer 4 Capacity | Flashforgeshop
Flashforge Adventurer 4 3d Print Filament Types | Flashforgeshop

Support Multiple 3D Filament Materials

With standard 240℃ extruder and high temp 265℃ extruder, Adventurer 4 shows great performance on 3d printing ABS, PLA, PC, PETG, PLA-CF, PETG-CF, and other materials. Except for Flashforge filament, Flashforge Adventurer 4 also compatible with third parties filaments including eSUN, ColorFabb, etc.

User-friendly Features

Adventurer 4 Resume Printing | Flashforgeshop

Resume Print from Blackout

Resume print feature of Adventure 4 3D printer allows you to recover printing from the blackout simply by tapping Yes on the prompt.

Adventurer 4 1kg filament reel | Flashforgeshop

1KG Filament Spool

As an advanced edition of Adventurer 3, Adventurer 4 comes with a standard 1kg filament spool. No need to use an external bracket!

Flashforge Adventurer 4 3D Printer Application

With features that fit almost all kinds of 3d printing requirements, the Adventurer 4 3d printer is applicable to K-12 education, 3D design, and print training, home DIY, design prototyping, and small-scale production. Below are some 3d prints on Adventurer 4.

3D Printed Models by Adventurer 4 users | Flashforgeshop

3D Printed Stargate by Adventurer 4 users  | Flashforgeshop

Flashforge Adventurer 4 3D Print | Flashforgeshop

Flashforge Adventurer 4 3D Print | Flashforgeshop

Flashforge Adventurer 4 in workshop | Flashforgeshop

FlashPrint Support

FlashPrint slicing software | Flashforgeshop
Multi-device online control 
 FlashPrint slicing software | Flashforgeshop
Slice preview
FlashPrint slicing software | Flashforgeshop
Personalized parameter setting
FlashPrint slicing software | Flashforgeshop
Real-time monitoring

What 3D Printing Experts Are Saying About Adventurer 4?

Flashforge Adventurer 4 3D printer has been getting a great reputation from 3d printing experts since its launching. Following are some comments for your reference. Get an Flashforge 3D printer Adventurer 4 and join them to have fun!

  • Extruder Quantity1
  • Nozzle Diameter0.4mm (installed), 0.6/0.3mm (optional)
  • Maximum Extruder Temperature265℃/240℃
  • Maximum Platform Temperature110 ℃
  • Print Speed10-150 mm/s
  • Filament CompatibilityABS/PLA/PC/PETG/PLA-CF/PETG-CF
  • Print Volume220*200*250mm
  • Layer Thickness0.1-0.4 mm
  • Print Precision±0.1 mm (test of 100mm cube)
  • Printer Dimension500*470*540 mm
  • Screen4.3-inch Touch Screen
  • InputAC100-240V/DC
  • Output24V/13.3A
  • Power320 W
  • ConnectivityUSB Disk/ WIFI/ Ethernet, Cloud
  • SoftwareFlashprint, Cura, Slic3r (need setting)
  • OutputGX/G File
  • Camera1
  • Noise <50dB
  • Working Environment15-30 ℃
  • Auxiliary LevelingLeveling free
  • Continue Last Printing When Power OffYes
  • Remote camera monitoringYes
  • Filament running out remindingYes
  • Air Filter NetHEPA 13
Comparison between Adventurer 3 and Adventurer 4
  Adventurer 3 Adventurer 4
Print volume 150*150*150 mm 220*200*250 mm
LCD touchscreen 2.8-inch 4.3-inch
Net weight of complimentary filaments 250g 1000g
Nine Point Auto Calibration    
Filament running out reminder    
Replaceable print bed    
Flexible printing bed     Magnetic adsorption
Ultra silence design   50db
Resume print    
Remote camera monitoring    
Time-lapse video    
Wireless WIFI    
Cloud printing    
Air filter net    
Top fan    
Product accessories
Adventurer 4 3D Printer X1
0.4mm-265℃ Nozzle X1
Filament Guide Tube Joint X1
Power Cable X1
Unclogging Pin Tool X1
Screwdriver X1
Allen Wrench X1
Grease X1
USB Disk X1
Leveling Card X1
1kg PLA Filament X1
Quick Start Guide X1
After-sales service card X1
Customer Reviews
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United States
Have had the Adventurer 4 for about 4 months and loving it! I upgraded from the Flashforger Finder because I wanted a larger build plate. Love the possibilities the Adventurer 4 gives me! It has been very easy to use.
United States
My printer has been in constant use for over 2 months, and I think it has only failed 4 times out of the many, many dozens of objects I've printed. I've used 4 different types of PLA (including the supplied roll), and they all worked great. I haven't had any of the wi-fi issues that some others have mentioned in reviews. It has stayed connected the whole time. Others have complained that the auto-leveling is false and it is a manual 9-point process. You do have to manually set all 9 points, but I think this feature refers to the printer automatically interpolating bed height between the 9 calibration points if the print surface is not perfectly flat. I do this about once a week out of habit and after changing heads, and it really isn't that big a deal. The z height can be changed manually as it is printing, so if the first layer looks off, you can manually tweak the overall height in 0.02mm increments up or down, and that has solved almost all printing issues with the first layer. I have three nozzles (I ordered a 0.3mm), and none of them have had any problems. The doors have magnets in them and stay closed. There are only a few minor issues. As other reviews have stated, the lighting for the camera is not effective. I plan on adding some lights for the top clear panel to evenly illuminate the chamber. The touch panel can sometimes be a little touchy. My few failed prints had to do with poor bed adhesion, and I found that rubbing it down with isopropyl alcohol before printing fixed everything. I haven't had to use tape, hairspray, glue, or anything else other than keeping the removable plate clean. Overall, the printer has worked far better and more reliably than I expected.
United States
This was super easy to set up, pretty much out of the box printing for beginners and it was exactly what I wanted plus it’s inclosed and very quiet
United States
Great printer for pla. I’ve been using a ender 3 for 2 years now and decided to add another printer to my collection. I selected this one as it’s fully enclosed and a good brand. I’m not disappointed at all, it prints very well and easy to use. Nice features like WiFi and cloud support to print from. Also the touch screen is very useful and makes printing simple. Can’t fault it so far.
Only printed a few things and up to now printer has worked perfectly…hope to print lots more..easy to set up
United States
This review is about the Adventurer 4. I use this printer at home as an accessory to work for printing various custom mechanical parts for bread-boarding small device automation, adapters, housings for various parts, microfluidic cartridge prototypes, etc, but also for random fun extras like printing a statue bust in marble filament or a Darth Vader in black and other odds and ends. Pros: - Device-assisted level calibration, which levels the print head across the bed rather than leveling the bed itself. It is very easy to use and has been working perfectly. - Fast and easy filament load and unload. - Easy extruder head replacement / exchange. - Some settings can be changed dynamically while printing, without interrupting the print. These are: 1.) extruder temperature, 2.) Bed temperature, 3.) Print speed (% of set speed), 4.) Z-axis adjustment on-the-fly, 5.) Cooling fan speed (this has proven important to control stringing). There is also a setting called "Filament", which I assume modulates the amount of filament extruded per unit time, but I find no documentation about it and have not used it. - Fairly large print volume - Integration with desktop FlashPrint software. Printing from a computer via WiFi is convenient and so far flawless in my experience. I have seen reports of problems connecting to WiFi, but I have not had any issues there. - High quality prints from my perspective. Perspectives vary, but reproducible sub-millimeter channels that can carry liquid reliably without leaking is good enough for my current purposes. - HEPA filter in enclosure actually does mostly eliminate odor while printing. Even with ABS or polypropylene. Cons: - I find that to reliably print small features close together without a lot of stringing, I have to print pretty slowly (30-40mm/s). Individual results may vary. - Extruder tends to ooze. If pre-oozing is not pulled away from extruder head when printing without a raft, the pre-ooze can get incorporated into the first layer by laying down perpendicular to the pre-extrusion path. Also, regardless of retraction speed and distance, high travel speed combined with slow print speed have been required in my experience to mitigate stringing. - The camera on this model is just a gimmick and not really useful. The resolution is low, the LED lighting glare makes it useless, without the LED it is too dark, and the camera speed is such that a still photo while printing is just a blur. Video is low res, choppy and blurry. The camera could be left out with no cost differential, since the cheap camera is probably sourced for a couple of bucks anyway. A decent HD, adequate frame-rate camera could probably be added with little to no difference in final cost, or possibly define a $20-$50 difference in price. - I cannot find a very complete user manual. The one that comes with the system is skeletal and many specifics are not covered. The magnetic bed is nice for the included build plates. I print on glass, however, and 220x200 borosilicate glass is readily available. Adhering the glass to the print bed with a layer of laboratory Parafilm is an ideal way to secure a glass plate to a print bed without clips. The Parafilm settles to a nice adherent with no lateral movement after the first couple of heated prints. The leveling calibration procedure with this printer makes leveling the print head for a newly-added print surface really easy. One hint: If printing on glass, make sure the cooling fan is set to turn on only after the first layer is printed. Also, turning the fan way down helps both with bed adherence and mitigation of stringing. I usually set the fan at 15%. My other printers are FlashForge Creator Pro models (original model), which are also a great value for the money (very inexpensive now) and work great right out of the box. In comparison to the Creator Pro, I would say that this printer took a little more tweaking up front to find the parameters that worked best for me, as opposed to the Creator Pro, whose different "resolution" settings in FlashPrint more or less worked well with the defaults, but once I found suitable parameters, I find the Adventurer 4 outperforms my Creator Pros in both ease of use and final print quality and reproducibility.
United States
Printed parts well with no hassles!! No issues to troubleshoot or tinker with. Printed 55 pieces with no problems at all.
United States
United States
It has been extremely easy to use straight out of the box. I've made several things since purchasing last week. I have a cat that tends to want to mess with things so this enclosed 3d printer is perfect. The magnetic bed is great and allows me to remove easily. I've had to re-enter my wifi password 4 times already so I'm hoping that there will be an update to resolve the issue. Also hope that I could watch the progress of my print status via Flash Cloud and/or Flashprint. Other than that, I'm very happy with my choice amongst the other options out here.
United States
Working like a charm, leveled easy as hell, and booooom you print, no wrapping no nothing with esun filament, I got 2 of them and my friend 3 and he never was in to 3d printing.... Just go for it. I tried other brands and they awful and always had flaws and falling bolts.... But this one after months still going strong!
United States
Addicted to printing anything and everything so far! No complaints. Does quality prints! Many options on the linked flash print app to adjust all print settings
United States
Great 3d printer but does take some time to learn it's in and outs, don't give up. For example, took me several failed prints, to learn it prints best with a raft. Been using it for a few weeks now and is say it's worthwhile upgrade.
United States
Great for beginners but not a cheap low quality printer
United States
United States
All you need to do is down load flash print 5 Plug into you computer and start printing Excellent value for money very impressed with the print quality
United States
I like the fact that it's enclosed, as it looks good but also captures any fumes or plastic particles that may occur. Also the casing makes sure dust doesn't settle during printing.
United States
Today I met Adventur4 I watched, mesmerized, as Adventur4 was lowered down onto the stage. Her performance was about to begin, a beautiful adagio section poised to set the mode for the rest of the performance. Adventur4 was flawless. She had to be. One misstep could ruined the entire recital. She didn’t seem bothered by this. She moved with a steadfast resolve that could pacify a raging lion. Every step was deliberate and flawless. I wondered if she knew that I was watching. I wondered what was driving her to be so perfect. Her dancing created a beautiful and tranquil melody. She looks amazing. She demonstrates amazing ability. She is the whole package. I realized that I could never create something so beautiful and accurate unless I arduously perfected every movement as had Adventur4. I’m so luck to have her in my life now. The Adventurer 4 is my first 3d printer. Today was my very first print and completed project. Today was a win. Perfect print on the first try! It was the simplest set up I have ever seen. I watched countless hours of troubleshooting videos. I dreaded bed leveling. The people over at Flash Forge sorted all that out it seems. I had no issue after a single 9-point calibration. I was printing within 10 minutes of the elegant lady’s arrival. Thank you for the amazing device. Adventur4 is going to change my life!
United States
Gave up on my anycubic max 4, bought this one instead, what a difference. The anycubic extruder would get clogged all the time, it would take hours to take it apart to fix it, the flashforge removable nozzles are genius, it literally takes 3 minutes to fix any problems (yeah, they’re expensive, but I don’t have hours to spare every other day to fix my printer). Got the adventurer 4, which is about the same volume as the anycubic. If you don’t need the larger volume, get the 3, it’s basically the same printer for 1/2 the price.
United States
Lots of fun makiong stuff with the grandkids! About as easy as you can get for a 3D printer. A few bugs but thgey all have them and worse! The enclosure makes it great! Plus they have their own software, so you don't have to work so hard making stuff!
United States
I love it works awesome perfect for first time 3d printer users. I'm a newbie two 3d printing and I love this printer
United States
Awesome Printer, Easy to use, High quality! Within 20 minutes of opening the box this thing was already printing and working great. Good quality, easy to use, highly recommend.
United States
Love it but there isn’t much on the instructions I am having to figure things out on my own.
We've been consistently impressed with the Adventurer 4's prints thanks to the rigid construction of the printer chassis. The intuitive and much improved interface of the touchscreen is something we've been hoping for, too. This is a well-priced and solid choice for primary, middle and high schools, small businesses, and enthusiastic hobbyists. In its price range (around $1,000), we have not yet found another 3D printer matching the Adventurer 4's notable features, build volume, print results and reliability.
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